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A superb new translation of the libretto to wagners ring cycle smiling in sorrow i sing of love the ring of the nibelung, wagners epic cycle of four musical dramas about primal envy, cosmic conflict, the search for glory, spectacular selfsacrifice, redeeming human love and the downfall of gods, revolutionized the nature of opera and conjured up an entire mythological world. Customers who viewed this item also viewed these digital items. Among other reasons my motivation to read this book was the story of ring of the nibelung. It is a powerful musicdrama on a grand scale, a full appreciation of which depends on an understanding of exactly what is being sung. Tan decorated cloth in color pictorial dust jacket. Tolkien which adapts the niflung legends into alliterative verse. We will preorder your items within 24 hours of when they become available. First published in 1993, this acclaimed translation, which follows the verse form of the original exactly, filled. The nibelungenlied is based on an oral tradition that has some of its origin in historic events and individuals of the 5th and 6th centuries and that spread. Wagners german was deliberately archaic and romantic. When new books are released, well charge your default payment method for the lowest price available during the preorder period. There had long been a need for a modern english translation of wagners ring.

His major works include lohengrin, tannhauser, tristan and isolde, parsifal and the four parts of the ring of the nibelung. His own libretto to the operas, translated by andrew porter, is an intricate system of metric patterns, imaginative metaphors and alliteration. Though its author is unknown, the nibelungenlied remains one of the premiere germanic texts. A brilliant analysis of wagner, a powerful summary of his ring operas, a masterclass on 19th century continental philosophy, and a compelling collection of wisdom on love, power, law, mutability, human life theres a lot in this book that is worth reflecting on. The nibelungenlied, or the song of the nibelungs, is a middle high german epic poem first written sometime in the thirteenth century. Ring of the nibelungs is a 2004 tv film directed by uli edel. A comprehensive guide to wagners the ring of the nibelung. Roger scrutons brilliant and passionate exploration of the drama, music, symbolism and philosophy of wagners masterpiece with its themes of love, death, sacrifice and freedom shows how, ultimately, it expresses the truth about the human condition. Wagners the ring of the nibelung by fisher, burton d. His own libretto to the operas is an intricate system of metric patterns, imaginative metaphors and alliteration. A companion spencer, stewart, millington, barry, wagner, richard on.

A retelling of the ring of the nibelung following wagners version. He is possibly best known for introducing the pulp magazine hero conan the barbarian to american comics, with a series that added to the storyline of robert e. Giants plot against gods, who in turn tear human lovers apart, while the lives of great warriors are ruined, and murder after murder is committed in the name of love and gold. Howards character and helped launch a sword and sorcery trend in comics. It preoccupied wagner for much of his adult life and revolutionized the nature of opera.

Its anonymous poet was likely from the region of passau. The rhinegold, the valkyrie, siegfried and twilight of the gods. Craig russell adapts richard wagners epic opera cycle, the ring of the nibelung. Wagner took the story of the operas from a book called the nibelungenlied. Alberich the dwarf has a lust that will never be fulfilled. Ive discarded this book, and have since ordered the individual librettos from schirmer.

An important work for wagnerites and musical scholars. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Craig russells other opera adaptions, but ring of the nibelung is the best by a mile. If you like historically important stories andor modern comics and have any interest in the other, or their fusion, then you could do a lot worse than checking out this book. Comic book artist gil kane illustrates richard wagners four ring operas in a graphic style which makes music all its own.

The ring of the nibelung richard wagner 9780241422281. The price is not to fund but this book features high quality. The ring of the nibelung dc 1990 book one the rhinegold comic graphic novel. The ring of the nibelung by richard wagner alibris. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the enter key is pressed. The ring of the nibelung hc profile dark horse comics. The magical gold of the rhine maidens is stolen, leading to a twisted story of vengeance and betrayal. Color frontispiece and twelve black and white illustrations by gustaf tenggren. The ride of the valkyries concert paraphrase from the. Small red stain to edge of front jacket approximately one inch. The ring of the nibelung book one dc vf oe1601 ebay. The ring of the nibelung by gertrude henderson abebooks. The ring of the nibelung penguin clothbound classics.

These books show the original german in parallel with the english, which is. There are a lot of those who recommended this book. The eisner awardwinning series, finally collected in one. A superb new translation of one of the greatest nineteenth century poems. Roy thomas is a comic book writer and editor, and stan lees first successor as editorinchief of marvel comics. The book the ring of the nibelung it is very good to read. The ring of the nibelung by richard wagner, paperback. The ring of the nibelung books 14 roy thomas, gil kane, jim woodring, john costanza on. Almost 20 years later it remains a treasured part of my library. This book was such a great idea combining the script of the ring of nibelung with the illustrations arthur rackham created.

Buy the ring of the nibelung by richard wagner isbn. In order to navigate out of this carousel, please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or. The legend of sigurd and gudrun is a narrative poem by j. However the after covering the book a couple of times i can enjoy the film without always stopping to read subtitles. Buy a cheap copy of the ring of the nibelung book by roy thomas. The ring of the nibelung is one of the greatest works of art created in modern times. You must take something painstakingly created to fit precisely in one particular medium, and rework it to fit precisely into another medium that tells its story in a radically different way. This is for a comic book the ring of the nibelung book one dc vf oe1601. The rhinegold, the valkyrie, siegfried, and twilight of the gods, featuring principal characters in each opera, brief story synopsis, story narrative with over 90 music highlight examples, selected discography and videography, dictionary of opera and musical terms, and an insightful and in depth commentary and analysis by. I had the pleasure to acquire a copy of this book in the summer of 1981 in seattle during the annual ring festival. Craig russell, which follows the progression of wagners 4part opera cycle. Because if you are reading a book specially book entitled the ring of the nibelung your brain will drift away trough every dimension, wandering in every single aspect. This is a highly entertaining adaptation of the ring on the nibelung.

Volume one, with new introductions and behind the scenes production art, presents the rhinegold and the valkyrie. It is a powerful musicdrama on a grand scale, a full appreciation of which depends on an. It is appreciated for its literary style, contrasting the themes of emotion and violence, and its recollection and assimilation of older germanic tales. The eisner awardwinning series, collected in one volume, presents one of the grandest stories of western civilization, now one of the most explosive epics in the history of comics. In the event you did not have enough space to create this book you can buy often the e book. Richard wagner author richard wagner 1883 redefined opera and had an overwhelming impact on german and western culture. Craig russell has created a masterpiece of comic book out of a materpiece of opera. I read niebelungenlied at school in german, therefor i will compare it to the german version and make a point why this version is so nice. The ring of the nibelung by richard wagner goodreads. Downloading it, i left it for a long time and only found it by chance on my kindle app during a flight and decided to read it and get it read and deleted. Craig russells adaptation of the ring cycle by german composer richard wagner is about to be collected in a handsome twovolume set.

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